Difference Between Afternoon And Evening

All of us have accidentally mixed up the words “afternoon” and “evening” once or twice. How do they differ? The Afternoon is after noon until dusk, while the evening starts at dusk and ends before midnight (varies by region). It may sound like a little bit of information, but it does make things easier for us knowing this small detail.

“The afternoon, also known as daytime, starts at 1 pm and goes through 5 or 6 pm.”

“The Evening is typically an hour before sunset. It can be from 5 or 6 pm to 8 pm, depending on when you’re in that time zone.” 

Let’s talk more about the Afternoon and the Evening.


An afternoon is a time between 1 and 5 or 6 pm. It’s just before evening, and around 12 pm – or the start of a 24-hour cycle. Thus, it occurs between the light of day and the sun’s setting. To be more accurate, when we do not usually count in “hours” anymore.


The word “afternoon” is sometimes used as a greeting to friends and family. When you greet someone with a good afternoon, the time period extends from 12:00 pm until around 5 pm or dusk. For instance, if it’s just before 2 p.m, you would say ‘Good Afternoon!’ This phrase has become so popular that people often use it at all hours of the day – even when they’re not sure what hour it is.


In some places, the evening starts around 5(pm) o’clock in the Afternoon. The specific timing varies from place to place due to factors like season and latitude. It starts getting dark by 5:00 pm in many places, but for those near-polar regions where days are always short during wintertime, it might not get dark until well after 6:00 PM or even 7 pm.


The evening is a time for the sun to set over us and not be seen again until morning. The phrase ‘good evening’ can only be said at this specific point in the day, at the end of the Afternoon, just before nightfall begins.

People can enjoy the sunset and spend more time outside during this time. They often eat dinner with their families in the evenings or attend social gatherings while enjoying some entertainment, such as concerts or musical performances.

Differences Between Afternoon And Evening

  • The afternoon begins after noon and ends in the evening. When the afternoon ends, the evening begins.
  • The sun starts going down in the afternoon. On the other hand, the sun sets in the evening, or at Twilight.  
  • At 12 pm, the afternoon starts and ends around 5 pm. The evening starts around 5-6 pm and ends around 8 pm.
  • In the Afternoon, people usually come back from work, start preparing dinner. In the evening, people more likely to enjoy the sunset and then return home.
  • It’s called the Afternoon when the sun is going down. Meanwhile, the evening is when it gets dark. 

So basically, Afternoons are the part of the day before evening. Both are categorized by timing, or clock. In the afternoon, the light of the day gradually dims. In the evening, the light gradually disappears from the sky until the next day’s daylight is back.