Difference Between California And Florida

California and Florida are some of the most beautiful states in the US. You will note that most people usually choose to spend their vacation in either of these two states. The good news is that both states usually have a plethora of beautiful locations that might please you. Remember that both states face different oceans and therefore have unique climates, cultures, and so forth.

Besides visiting these states, you can choose to live in either of them. If this is your choice of action, you might have to consider several things. From the cost of living to weather conditions, there are many considerations that you should make. In this article, we shall take a closer look at these states for you to distinguish them.

Differences Between California and Florida

If you have never to been to any of these states in the past, you might be spoilt for choice when it choosing the right state to live or visit. The good news is that we have compiled several differences that set these states apart. Here is what differentiates these two states.

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1. Cost of living

If you have to live in California, you should brace yourself to always dig deep into your pockets as the cost of living there is quite high. In fact, California seconds Hawaii, which tops the list of more expensive states to live in. However, if you live in Florida, you will save more. That said, the cost of Florida is still high, though not as high as that of California.

2. Taxes

Countries all over the world usually depend on taxes in order to develop and take care of other needs. Therefore, if you live in either California or Florida, you will not be exempted from paying taxes. However, as far as taxes are concerned, Florida’s overall state and tax burden stand at 8.9%.

On the other hand, the combined tax rate for California is estimated to be 11%. This actually makes it to be the 6th highest in the US. Since more taxes means less income, this shows that it is cheaper to live in Florida than in California. In any case, residents of Florida do not file any personal income tax. As a result, they are bound to save more in the long run.

3. Weather

Most people think Florida and California are always warm and sunny. However, this is not always the case. You will note that Florida weather is usually more humid than that of California. This is the reason why Florida is considered to be a tropical state.

Therefore, if you want to have a good time at the beach, California should be your destination. This is because California usually has more sunny days compared to Florida. When it comes to humidity, it is within the acceptable range of fluctuation.

4. Education possibilities

There are people who might want to live in either of these states for years. If this is the case, you have to ensure that your kids go to school. Although both states have good private and public schools, it is essential to note that schools in Florida are better than those of California. Most Florida schools are also cheap and affordable than most California schools.

5. Crime rate

This is another factor that can influence one’s decision to live in a particular state. Generally, it is the wish of everyone to live in a more secure state. More importantly, if you have businesses out there, you would want them to remain safe even when you are not around.

That said, both California and Florida are not immune to crimes. However, you are safer in California than in Florida. This is because California is ranked as the 31rst safest state to live in the US. On the other hand, Florida is ranked as the 39th safest state to reside in.

6. Health care

We all need good health care services at the hospitals so that we can remain healthy. However, as far as health care is concerned, Florida seems to be on the right track compared to California. To put it into perspective, Florida took the 30th position out of 50 states. California was rated at 42nd state in terms of health care services. This further shows that there is better health care service in Florida than in California.

7. Tourist attractions

California boasts of having some of the best beaches out there. Here, you will have unlimited fun with your friends and family members. Besides visiting the beach, you can try skateboarding or jogging on the beach. Some people even try roller skating on these beautiful beaches.

Apart from having great beaches, California has a Golden Gate Park where you a go for a picnic with those who you love. Better still, you can visit the Hollywood Museum and learn some history there. If you are a fan of hiking, Hollywood hills should be your next destination.

Florida also has wonderful beaches where you can have fun with friends. However, these beaches are usually more humid compared to those of California. Unlike California, you will note that Florida does not have a diverse landscape such as the Golden State. However, Florida has iconic cities such as Miami.

8. Natural disasters

Just like any other state, both California and Florida are not immune to natural disasters. However, Florida is more prone to natural disasters than California. In fact, homeowners in Florida usually pay a higher home insurance rate compared to those residing in California. From hurricanes to drought, there are many calamities that you might experience in Florida. This makes it ideal for you to live in California instead.

Final Thoughts

Although these states are usually perceived as warm, sunny, beautiful and attractive to reside, there are some differences that separate these states. From the cost of living, presence of natural disasters and presence of infrastructure there are many differences between these two states. As you purpose to either visit or reside in these states, bear in mind the differences mentioned above, and you will make a good decision.