Difference Between Royal Blue And Navy Blue

When it comes to colors, blue is one of the most preferred Blue generally represents the color of the sky and the features of the sea. It is known to be both cool and natural. However, this color is not always uniform. There are different shades of blue. Some of the popular shades of blue are Royal Blue and Navy Blue.

To differentiate them, Royal Blue is the lighter shade of blue. This color signifies loyalty, trust, and superiority. In most cases, this color is used in clothes such as bridal wear, party wear, and so on. Navy Blue, on the other hand, is the darker variation of blue color. Unlike Royal Blue, this color symbolizes unity, confidence, authority, and confidence.

In most cases, you will find this color in police uniforms. This color is also the official color of pilots. In this article, we shall take a closer look at other differences between these colors among other facets so that you can know them better.

Differences Between Royal Blue and Navy Blue

Although they are both blue, there are some differences that sets these colors apart. Some of these differences include:

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  • Brightness: Although these colors are bright, the intensity of their brightness differs. You will note that Royal Blue is brighter than Navy Blue.
  • Effects: Besides the intensity of brightness, these colors differ when it comes to the effects they create out there. If you are looking for a color with a calming effect, Royal Blue is the color to choose. However, if you are looking for a more commanding and authoritative color, Navy Blue is the best option for you. This is the reason why Navy Blue is used to make police uniforms, among other things.
  • Function: As far as their functions are concerned, Royal Blue is usually used to make fashion attires for the bridal crew, while Navy Blue is usually used in naval offices and pilot offices. The latter is also used to make collard uniforms.
  • Occasion of use: Royal Blue is generally used to make fashionable attires, while Navy Blue is used to make official uniforms such as those of the police force.
  • Popularity: If you check keenly, you will note that Royal Blue is not as common as Navy Blue color. This means that Navy Blue is more popular than Royal Blue
  • Hexadecimal code: As far as the above-mentioned code is concerned, these colors have some differences. The hexadecimal code for Royal Blue is #4169E1, while that of Navy Blue is #000080.
  • History: Royal blue was initially produced between 1810 and 1820. It was used to make Queen Charlotte’s dress. Navy Blue, on the other hand, was produced in 1748 and was used to make the uniforms of British officers.
  • Versions: When it comes to versions of Royal Blue, you will note that this color has two of them. One of them is Queen Blue, and the other one is Imperial Blue. On the other hand, Navy Blue has only one version, which is itself.

Similarities Between Navy Blue and Royal Blue

Although these colors have some differences, such as the one that we have mentioned above, there are some similarities that unify them. These similarities include:

  • Both shades can be used to symbolize confidence
  • Both colors are top shades of blue
  • Both shades are usually associated with elegance.
  • Most people usually prefer both colors to make wedding regalia
  • If you check keenly, you will note that Royal Blue and Navy Blue suits are very trendy out there.

Pros of Royal Blue

  • The color usually has a soothing and calming effect
  • It is more versatile. As a result, it can match with nearly every bright color out there
  • The color adds a royal feel
  • Clothes made using this color are ideal for a club or party

Cons of Royal Blue

  • Most people usually confuse Royal Blue for Navy Blue. Besides this, it is not very popular out there.

Pros of Navy Blue

  • This is an official color
  • The color is very popular out there
  • It is always trending
  • The color can be used to make many uniforms

Cons of Navy blue

  • This color is commonly confused with black
  • It is also too dark compared to Royal Blue

Final Thoughts

It is true to say that both colors can add charm and elegance to your personality. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the one that suits your needs. The above-mentioned differences and similarities will help you make a good decision. Otherwise, both colors are generally excellent in different capacities. Choose your favorite color, and you will not regret it.