Difference Between Fairy And Pixie

Since time immemorial, folklores have been used to achieve a number of objectives. From entertaining people to enabling them to understand different natural and social phenomena within their community, there are many purposes that these folklores have served. To put it into perspective, folklores are traditional customs, beliefs, and stories of a particular community that is usually passed on from one generation to another by word of mouth. That said, each community usually has its own folklore. Generally, they are imaginary stories that help people understand the mystery behind some things.

It is important to note that folklores usually have many mythical creatures. Some of the common ones used in most folklores are the fairy and the pixie. Besides being found in most folklores, these mythical creatures are found in animated and comical films. The good news is that they are lovable characters, and this makes kids like these characters. Since these mythical creatures are confused by many, it is essential that we outline the main differences between them for clarity purposes.

Who is a Fairy?

The above-mentioned mythical creature is very common in European folklore. It is basically a form of spirit that has magical powers. Besides having magical powers, these creatures looked like human beings and were extremely beautiful. In fact, these creatures would appear as miniature humans.

Since these creatures resemble a human beings, they were mostly used to depict the abundance of goodness in the world. However, this was not always the case as some fairies were known for the wrong reasons. You will realize that fairies of the past were dreaded as they were dangerous to human beings. They were mischievous characters and were cruel to mankind. In fact, some were known to swap human babies with fairy children.

However, modern fairies are different as they are more benevolent and kind to mankind. In fact, these mythical creatures are known for bestowing intelligence, wealth, and kindness to those they love. Apart from this, fairy tales have the ability to defy nature and can even live under the water. Some of the fairytales that have good fairies in them include Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Thumbelina, among others.

Who is a Pixie?

Unlike the fairy, the pixie is a miniature mythical creature that has pointed ears and hats. Although they possessed good looks, they had weird characteristics. For instance, these mythical beings were known for stealing horses. Although these creatures had magical powers, they were not helpful to mankind. Instead, they used to mislead people and steal their valuables. Besides this, pixies used to trap fairies die their beauty.

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell the difference between female and male pixies. Unlike the fairies, these creatures used to be poorly dressed. At some point, they could walk naked. However, modern pixies usually wear green outfits. Finally, you can readily find these creatures in the Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrete film.

The Main Differences Between Fairy and Pixie

Although fairies and pixies are fictitious characters in most folklores, they differ in a number of ways. Here are the various ways that these creatures differ:

  • Description: In most cases, fairies are depicted as positive characters that show people kindness and benevolence. In fact, some of them made some characters in folklore wealthier and wiser. On the other hand, pixies are known to play a negative role in people’s lives. From misguiding people to stealing people’s horses, there are many problems that these creatures caused in the past.
  • Appearance: As we mentioned above, fairies were miniature human beings. However, they had large wings on the back. Pixies, on the other hand, had colored hair and skin. Besides this, they had butterfly wings.
  • Size: Besides their nature and appearance, pixies and fairies differ in terms of size. For instance, pixies are usually 4 inches tall while their counterparts are 6 inches tall. This means that fairies are bigger than pixies.
  • Dwelling: As far as their habitat is concerned, fairies are known to live on the hills and under the water while their counterparts live in gardens.
  • Gender identification: Fairies exist in both genders. This means that you can get a male fairy and a female fairy. On the other hand, it is difficult to distinguish between a male pixie and a female pixie.
  • Origin: Pixies started becoming prominent in the 18th century while their counterparts have been in existence as early as the 16th century.
  • Clothes: As we mentioned above, pixies used to be poorly dressed. At some point, they would walk naked. On the other hand, fairies used to dress decently. In fact, some fairies used to look like a princess.

Final Thoughts

Most folklores usually have either of these creatures. It all depends on the folklore you are listening to or reading. That said, it is crucial that you know the role each of these mythical creature play in the folklores. The good news is that we have outlined these roles and even what sets these creatures apart. Note these differences today, and you will no longer confuse a fairy for a pixie and vice versa.