Difference Between Japanese And Chinese Eyes

Did you know the overall look of a person can help you tell his or her country of origin? This might surprise you, but it is one of those things that distinguish people from different countries all over the world. From their hair to the shape of their face, there are many elements that can help you determine someone’s country of origin. Sometimes, you do not even need to ask them where they come from.

That said, most people still have a problem whenever they want to distinguish between Japanese people and Chinese people. This is because their eyes nearly have the same shape. Sometimes, you might be forgiven for assuming that a Chinese is Japanese and vice versa. The good news is that this article will outline the main differences between these eyes so that avoid any form of confusion.

How Do Japanese Eyes Look Like?

If you check keenly, you will realize that Japanese usually have eyes that are oval or round in shape. Besides this, their eyes are usually angled in an upward direction. When it comes to size, their eyes are bigger in size and therefore meet the size of their face. After all, Japanese people usually have a longer and wider face, and therefore, the eyes form one part of the main features of the face. Surprisingly, Japanese men have smaller eyes than Japanese women.

It is imperative to note that the area under the eye is the one that determines the shape of Japanese eyes. Consequently, one of the primary facial expressions used by the Japanese is frowning. Finally, Japanese people tend to have massive eyes with a large percentage of double eyelids. This characteristic sets them apart from other Asians.

How Do Chinese Eyes Look Like?

Unlike Japanese eyes, Chinese eyes tend to slant a little bit. Besides this, these eyes are angled in a downward direction. Since the Chinese eyes are small in size, they tend to be less prominent compared to their counterparts. Unlike the Japanese, the Chinese people usually have a round and smaller face. Consequently, their eyes are one of the less prominent features of their faces.

The area under the eyes and above the eyelids is the one that determines the shape of Chinese eyes. As a result, a smile is one of the main facial expressions used by the Chinese people. Finally, Chinese eyes usually have small double eyelids or mono-lids.

Main Differences Between Japanese Eyes vs Chinese Eyes

It is no secret that people from Asian countries nearly resemble each other as far as their eyes are concerned. After all, these people come from the same geographical location and have faced nearly the same anthropological differences. As a result, they developed and evolved, having the same characteristics. That said, there are a number of aspects that separate the two. These aspects include the following:

  • Origin: You will realize that the eyes of the Japanese people are said to have originated from the Mongol people who used to live in Japan in the 14th century. On the other hand, the eyes of the Chinese people are said to have originated from the population of the Hakka, Cantonese, and Hoklo families of the past.
  • Structure: As we mentioned above, Japanese people usually have eyes that are oval and round in shape. However, those of their counterparts are different as they usually look more slanted.
  • Size: Besides the origin and the structure, these eyes differ in terms of size. For instance, Japanese eyes tend to be bigger in size compared to those of the Chinese. In fact, Japanese women tend to have larger eyes than those of their male counterparts.
  • Focus area: As we mentioned above, the area that is responsible for the shape of Japanese eyes is the area under the eyes. This is the main focus area. On the other hand, the area that shapes the eyes of the Chinese eyes is the area above the eyelids and beneath the eyes.
  • Facial expressions: We all make facial expressions to indicate that we are happy, sad, in trouble, and so on. That said, you will realize that frowning is the main facial expression of the Japanese people. This is due to the shape of their eyes. On the other hand, smiling is the main facial expression used by the Chinese people. Also, this is due to the shape of their eyes.
  • Prominence: Since Japanese eyes are bigger and wide in size, they tend to have more prominence on the faces of the Japanese people. However, those of the Chinese tend to be small in size and are therefore not prominent as those of their counterparts.
  • Eyelids: As far as the eyelids are concerned, you will realize that Japanese eyes are single-edged. However, those of the Chinese are double-edged.

Final Thoughts

Although it is not easy to distinguish Japanese eyes from those of the Chinese, the differences mentioned above can help you separate the two. From their origin to their prominence, there is a plethora of differences between these two sets of eyes. Note these differences today, and you will no longer confuse Japanese eyes for Chinese eyes and vice versa.