Difference Between Royal Blue And Cobalt Blue

Blue is a very common color and is considered one of the primary pigments colors. The color is identified with several effects among them harmony, confidence, imagination, faithfulness, and sometimes even sadness. It has also been a vital color in decoration and art since ancient days.

Although dominant, blue is not available in only one but many shades. I mean, there are several types of blue color that contain a mixture of different colors to form different tints. Among many shades, there is royal blue and cobalt blue which are our major concerns today. Since these two colors are almost similar in appearance, many fail to differentiate them. In our guide today, we have explained them in detail together with their similarities and differences for better understanding.

What is royal blue?

In simpler terms, this is a vivid and deep tint of blue. In other definition, it is a deep, strong, and bright shade of blue. More often than not, this shade is associated with tinges of purple and a touch of red in undertones. The brightness and intensity of this color make it associated with virtues like superiority, loyalty, and trust.


  • It is very versatile and blends perfectly with many colors.
  • It has a calm and soothing effect
  • It has a superior, loyal feel.
  • It is used as an official color of Birmingham city FC shirts
  • It is the main color of uniforms like Buffalo Sabres of NHL, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams of NFL.


  • It is often confused with cobalt blue
  • It is not as popular.
  • Sometimes, it can symbolize sadness

What is cobalt blue?

This is the light and less intense shade of color blue. It is medium bright, lighter than royal blue but deeper than the color of the sky. The color is commonly used to make glassware and ceramics as well as paints and jewelry. Is some incidences, this color also portrays calmness, richness, and coolness.


  • It is used as official logo for Sega video game
  • It is used as a paint option for cars like jeep and Bugatti.
  • It portrays calmness and richness.
  • Used as a flag color in countries like Netherlands, Nevada state and Romania.


  •  When used, this color can be toxic when inhaled. Therefore, it should be used with precautions.

Similarities Between Royal Blue And Cobalt Blue

Although these are two distinct shades of blue, they have some common traits. These are;

  • They are both tints of blue.
  • They are both bright version of navy blue.
  • They all blend well with colors like white and black.

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Differences Between Royal Blue and Cobalt Blue

What distinguishes these two colors is greater than what brings them together. Therefore, they have a wide number of differences. Below are their differences in a table;

Difference.Royal blueCobalt blue
OriginRoyal blue was first put in use in the years 1810 to 1820. This color was derived from England where it was created to be used in a competition that was meant to design a dress for Queen Charlotte. Its origin is therefore associated with British history and presently features in the United Kingdom flag as a Union Jack.It was first recognized as a color in 1777 and is derived from a metal called cobalt. When the metal combine with aluminum oxide is turned to cobalt blue shade.
SymbolismRoyal blue is known to symbolize royalty, honesty, fidelity, and excellence. It can also symbolize dependability, superiority, and uprightness, trust, loyalty.Cobalt blue symbolizes, reliability, unity, soothing, protection, and strength.
FunctionalityRoyal blue Is used as uniform or fashion attire. It is also used as royal theme interiors, restaurant logos and menus, and hospital themes to promote honesty and trustCobalt blue is commonly used to make ceramics, glassware, tinting glasses, making paints and jewelry.
Color compatibility Royal blue is so welcoming and compacts well with a number of colors. It can combine well with pink because of the red undertones available in both. It can also compact well with white to warm up a place, yellow to add vibrancy, teal, purple, red, and gold among others.Cobalt blue blends well with maroon, orange, camel, green, black, and also white.
ShadeRoyal blue has high-intensity brightnessCobalt blue has medium intensity brightness.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Which color is darker between royal and cobalt blue?

Comparing the two, royal blue is the brightest shade of blue. Obviously, cobalt blue is darker than royal blue.

Between royal blue and cobalt blue which is better?

Although both colors are impressive and appealing, royal blue is better, noticeable, and pops more than cobalt blue. Royal blue is also popular and non-toxic, unlike cobalt blue that is toxic when digested.

What are the different variations of royal blue?

Royal blue has two versions. These are the queen blue and imperial blue. Queen blue is described as the medium shade of royal blue while imperial blue is the darker shade of royal blue.

Final Recap

As seen, royal blue and cobalt blue are two different colors. From their origin to uses to brightness, these colors are distinct in a number of ways. Since both are brighter versions of blue, it’s no doubt that they are both appealing and attractive. However, knowing the differences mentioned above will help you distinguish them and select the best that suits your wants without confusion. We hope you are well informed by our guide and all the best as you purpose to use either or both of them.