Difference Between Texas And Florida

Are you wondering whether to live in Texas or Florida? Chances are that you are not alone. Most people are always spoilt for choice when it comes to these two states. This is because the two states are fast-growing with many things in common.

For instance, you will note that both Texas and Florida have great beaches where you can have fun with friends.  Also, both states offer their citizens much-needed asset protection. This makes these states one of the most preferred options among many people.

However, there are some differences between these states. From the cost of living to the crime rate, there are several factors that distinguish these two states. In this article, we shall examine these factors closely so that you can know these states better.

Differences Between Texas and Florida

Although Texas and Florida have some similarities like the ones mentioned above, these two states differ in a number of aspects. Some of these aspects include:

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1. Cost of living

The cost of living is one of the concerns that most people have whenever they want to settle anywhere out there. Ideally, your ideal location or state should have a low cost of living so that you can save more. The good news is that Texas usually has a lower cost of living compared to Florida. Therefore, you are likely to save more living in Texas than Florida.

2. Healthcare

It is no secret that we all need good healthcare so that we can remain healthy and live longer. When it comes to the quality of healthcare in both states, there are significant differences. Florida was actually ranked position 36 out of 50 while its counterpart was ranked position 43 out of 50. This research is according to the US Health and Human Service Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. As a result, it shows that Florida carried the day as far as healthcare services are concerned.

3. Weather

If you are a tourist, the weather is a critical element that you should consider as it will influence whether you will have fun or not. The reality of issues is that there is more sunshine in Florida than in Texas. The good news is that the temperatures do not get as high as that of Texas.

However, if you choose to visit Florida, brace yourself to encounter higher levels of humidity. That said, Texas usually experiences humid summers and cold winters. However, during summer, the temperatures can get so hot, thereby creating some discomfort among many people. This is the reason why most people choose to visit Florida instead of Texas.

4. Crime rate

It is true to say that no state is immune to crimes as these incidences usually happen from time to time. As far as these states are concerned, you will realize that it is safer to live in Florida than in Texas. To put it into perspective, Florida was ranked position 33 out of 50 as far as the safety of its citizens is concerned. On the other hand, its counterpart was ranked position 36 out of 50, showing that it is less secure compared to Florida.

5. Tax burden

Most people usually dread hefty taxes. Ideally, the taxes should be reasonable enough so that you can save more in the long run. As far as the tax burden is concerned, Texas takes the lead as taxes in this state are relatively higher than those of its counterpart. For instance, sales tax in Texas ranges between 6.25% and 8.25%, while that of Florida ranges between 6% and 8%.

6. Home Prices

It is the wish of everyone to live in a decent home. However, this comes with a cost. This is because some homes are more costly than others. If you are operating on a budget, you should purpose to buy a home in Texas instead of Florida. This is because home prices in Texas are more stable compared to those in Florida.

7. Quality of life

One of the aspects that influence how long one will live is the quality of life one leads. For instance, senior citizens are very concerned with this aspect as it might mean life or death. If this aspect is not well checked, the senior citizen might succumb and pass on soon. For instance, residents of Texas who are 65 years and above normally live in poverty. This is because they do not have a supplemental income.

Also, residents here usually have issues accessing medical care. Therefore, the quality of life in this state might be a challenge for the elderly. On the other hand, Florida is very popular with seniors. The good news is that there are amenities such as hospitals that play a crucial role in improving the quality of life of the elderly.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, there are many aspects that distinguish Texas and Florida. However deciding on the state to live is a personal preference and should be guided by your needs. Therefore, if you have plans to either visit or reside in any of these two states, you should consider the differences mentioned above. Otherwise, these states are great and wonderful in their own ways.