Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: A Complete Comparison

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus are two popular video streaming services in the United States. They pride themselves in offering various content, including TV shows, movies, and original programming. However, the two services have differences in their services, costs, and the platform they use to offer the services. Paramount Network was launched in 1983 to provide video services via cable once you subscribe to their monthly plans. On the other hand, Paramount Plus was established in March 2021 to focus on live-streaming services mainly.

Generally, Paramount Network is a cable and satellite channel, whereas Paramount Plus is a streaming platform. With that said, man would want to know what differences and similarities that are there between paramount network and paramount plus. In this tutorial, we will explore these two popular streaming channels in the United States to give you a clear guide on which service is better, according to your convenience. Let us dive into it for more insights.

Difference Between Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus

There are several differences that Paramount Network and Paramount Plus users can encounter once they subscribe. Here is a tabulation of the differences to help choose the best between the two.

Paramount NetworkParamount Plus
It is a basic cable TV cable.You can access the content when streaming.
You can sign up using the TV provider credentials.You can sign up using your personal credential like email.
You can only access its content using a single profile.You are free to create up to six profiles from one account.
You cannot download and watch later movies on Paramount Network.Paramount Plus allows you to download movies and watch them conveniently.

Those are some main differences between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus services. In the next section, you will learn how to sign in on the two platforms and start enjoying the services. Keep reading.

How to Sign in on Paramount Network and Paramount Plus?

Do you have a Paramount account and want to sign in and enjoy subscribed services? Worry no more. This section will teach you how to sign in on both platforms. However, it is good to note that the process of signing into both platforms varies.

To sign into Paramount Network, you must have TV provider credentials given to you by Paramount, which differs from Paramount Plus. Whenever you want to sign in for Paramount Plus however, you will be required to create an account using your own credential and use the credentials to sign into your account. Below is a step-by-step process to guide you on how to sign up on paramount Plus.

  • Open your favorite browser and search “”.
  • Click on the “Sign In With Paramount+” button once the page loads.
  • Enter the email and password you created the account with and click the “Continue” button.
  • If you use the correct credentials, you will be taken to the Paramount Plus home screen, where you will see the content. You can search for your favorite movie or live show and start streaming.

If you are using a device that requires you to download the Paramount+ app, kindly download it from App Store or Play Store and install it. You must use the correct credentials to sign in and start streaming the content. Later, this article will give you several devices compatible with Paramount Plus that can stream. Keep reading!

Pricing and Plans Comparison of Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus

The pricing and plans of Paramount Network and Paramount Plus differ depending on several factors. For instance, Paramount Network’s price typically depends on the number of channels you choose. This means that it can be either cheap or expensive, depending on your choice.

On the other hand, Paramount Plus provides two plans which determine how much you should pay. One of the Paramount Plus plans is the “Essential Plan,” regarded as the cheapest plan that requires you to pay $4.99 per month. The other plan is the “Premium Plan,” which requires you to pay $9.99 monthly. The difference between the two plans is that Premium does not have ads. Fortunately, you will get a 7-day free trial once you sign up for both packages.

A list of TV Shows and Movies on Paramount Network and Paramount Plus

There are several TV shows and movies that you can find on Paramount Network and Paramount Plus. This section will give you the shows you will likely get on both platforms. Let us start!

1. TV Shows and Movies are on Paramount Network.

You will get many soaps and TV shows that are more entertaining with basic cable and satellite TV channels. So, here are some of the best TV shows and movies that you will get on Paramount Network;

  • Battle of The Fittest Couple
  • Wife Swap
  • Yellowstone
  • Ink Master: Angeles
  • Bar Rescue
  • 68 Whiskey
  • Ink Master
  • Marriage Rescue
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards

Are you a Paramount Network user? Kindly search for one of the above movies and get entertained by the content.

2. TV Shows and Movies are on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is one of the best streaming platforms in the United States, which offers on-demand and TV shows content. It is famous for its rich content library that gives you most of the latest shows and movies to enjoy with your family. You only need to subscribe to Paramount Plus and start streaming this content.

Below are some of the best TV shows and movies available on Paramount Plus service

  • The Offer
  • Shantaram
  • Start Trek
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Gunsmoke
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  • Station Eleven
  • Frasier
  • Reacher
  • Start Trek: The Next Generation

Those are some famous TV shows and movies on Paramount Plus that you will enjoy once you subscribe. Kindly note that you must have a compatible device to enjoy this quality and entertaining content on Paramount.

However, do not panic if you do not know the best gadgets to stream on Paramount. In the section below, you get to know some of these compatible devices with Paramount Plus and Paramount Network. Let us jump into it and give you a list of all these devices.

Compatible Devices for Paramount Plus

Do you want to enjoy Paramount Plus services and wonder which compatible devices you can use to stream? Worry no more! Below are some of the devices that you can use to stream content on Paramount Plus;

  • iPhone
  • Android phone
  • iPad
  • Roku
  • LG TV
  • Xbox
  • PC with Web Browser
  • Android Tablet
  • Samsung TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xfinity device
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV

You can use one of the above devices and enjoy the content Paramount Plus offers all its users across the country. Kindly note that you must subscribe to enjoy the services.

Included New Feature in The Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has several features that you will enjoy once you subscribe to the service. They include the following;

  • You can stream more than 30,000 episodes of on-demand content if you have a supported gadget.
  • You will enjoy the original series from Paramount Plus.
  • You can make up to six profiles with a single account.
  • You can add your favorite show to “My List” and watch them later.
  • You will stream top soccer games, and other sports live.

You will likely enjoy those unique and new features once you subscribe to Paramount Plus. You can use the above process, sign up for Paramount Plus, and enjoy the services.


Is it worth upgrading from Paramount Network to Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a new platform that allows users to access their favorite content online. Comparing the convenience of the two services, Paramount Plus will give you the best experience compared to Paramount Network. However, the two services’ worthiness may differ depending on the content you love watching.

Can I watch Paramount Network on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus are two different services. Paramount Network provides video services via cable, while Paramount Plus provides services via streaming. However, you may find some Paramount Network content on Paramount Plus though not all of the content.

Which platform has a better content library, Paramount Network or Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is known to have the best content library compared to Paramount Network. This is because its content is hosted online and can easily be accessed.

Which platform has a better user experience, Paramount Network or Paramount Plus?

According to many Paramount Network and Paramount Plus users, you will likely get a good experience when using Paramount Plus services. This is because it lets you download your favorite series and watch it later. You will also enjoy the best features, like no ads and live shows, plus 24/7 broadcasts on your favorite channels. This is unlike the Paramount Network, which does not provide the needed flexibility to its users when watching movies.

Can I Watch Yellowstone on Paramount Plus?

No, it is not possible to watch Yellowstone on Paramount Plus. Every content streamed on Paramount Plus must-have streaming rights on the platform, which Yellowstone does not have. Fortunately, there are other platforms where you can watch the Yellowstone series, like Peacock.

How to watch Paramount Network for free?

It is impossible to watch movies or TV shows on Paramount Network for free. However, you can watch the content via their app on your iPhone, Android, or Roku devices. You only need to download the app, install it on your device, and sign in with your TV credentials. Once you log in, you can watch clips or full episodes of your favorite show or movie.

Can I watch Paramount Plus Network for free?

No, you cannot watch Paramount Plus for free. Paramount has two plans—the Essential plan, which costs $4.99 per month, and the Premium, which costs $9.99 per month. You must be in one of the plans to enjoy the Paramount Plus content.

Is It Possible to Stream Paramount Plus on PlayStation?

Yes, it is possible to stream Paramount Plus on PlayStation. However, the service is available on PlayStation 4 console, but you may see it on PlayStation 5 in the future. You only need to download the Paramount Plus app from the PlayStation Store and install it. Once the app is installed, sign in with your Paramount Plus account information and start streaming content on your PlayStation console.

Did Paramount Plus replace CBS All Access?

Yes, Paramount Plus replaced CBS All Access on March 4, 2021. After rebranding, Paramount Plus combined the CBS All Access content with other Viacom CBS networks like Paramount Network and Nickelodeon. The rebranding offers a broader range of programming, including popular TV shows, classic movies, live sports, and original content. All subscribers to CBS All Access were automatically transferred to the new service after its launch.

When did Paramount Plus launch?

After rebranding from CBS All Access, Paramount Plus was launched on March 4, 2021. You can only get its services in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. You can enjoy several advantages in Paramount Plus compared to when it was CBS All Access.

Paramount Network Vs. Paramount Plus: Which is better?

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus services have unique strengths. To determine the best service, you must consider each service’s strengths. For instance;

  • If you want live TV, you must go for Paramount network.
  • Paramount Plus is best for on-demand and streaming services.
  • You can only watch the Yellowstone series on the Paramount network
  • Paramount Plus can be accessed using many devices.

Therefore, the best service between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus will depend on the service you want to get from the two services. However, generally, Paramount Plus offers more services, and it is more available on many devices compared to Paramount Network.

Is Yellowstone going to be on Paramount Plus?

No, Yellowstone is not available on Paramount Plus because of streaming rights. However, you can find it series on Paramount Network. Luckily, when Paramount Plus gets the streaming rights, you can watch Yellowstone.

Why is Yellowstone not on Paramount Plus?

The main reason why Yellowstone service is unavailable on Paramount Plus is because of Streaming rights. Once they acquire the streaming rights, you may be able to see it.